10 Things Mamas Do That Get No Love

10 Things Mamas Do That Get No Love

Hey Mama,

I know you do so much for your family.

Most of the time it's shxt they don't even acknowledge you for doing.

Well I call bullshxt and say let's bring some awareness to these thankless often times redundant tasks that go overlooked. 

A huge "You Da Shxt" goes out to Mamas everywhere because you're working your ass off for your family. 

Cheers to doing the shxt that sucks:


1. Scheduling Shxt. Appointments, rides, play dates all of it.

2. Packing for travel, school anytime they leave the house. 

3. Knowing where every fckn thing is.

4. Food Prep. Lunch, snacks & realizing that they left it.

5. Pulling underwear out of the pants before laundry.

6. Remembering shxt. All of it. 

7. Being the "mean one". Ummmm... I don't suck actually.

8. Knowing the school calendar.

9. Being the fixer. The toys, clothes that are on backwards, everyone else's problems.

10. Waking up and automatically thinking of everyone but yourself. 


Here's a Bonus:

Charging devices and knowing where they were left.