A story of sass


Meet Niché


I’m Niche Faulkner, the Owner and CEO of Sasspirations. Thanks for coming to the website. I’m excited to personally give you some background about who I am and what we do.

Sasspirations is a brand that has your back (and elbows, knees, face, mind, and soul), where we focus on self care infused with sass. ⁣

Our products & apparel are paired with playlists to encourage mothers & women to normalize the I in “I” and remind you that YOU fkng matter. ⁣

Why Sasspirations??⁣

Well honestly, as a mom of two boys, I know firsthand that the world doesn't always have a way of encouraging mothers to rest, take time for themselves or even drop the superwoman stereotype.


I also know that if you we were taking care of ourselves like we needed to be, there wouldn’t have been need to create this bomb-ass self care line and when we say self care, we mean more than taking a once a year vacation or simply saying mantras. This idea is great in theory but do they really mean anything when your vessel is depleted?!⁣

Seriously, in all the times when you haven’t been practicing self care and going through, maybe due to anxiety, depression or being overworked and under appreciated, has saying those words reallllly helped you?!?!⁣

I’ll wait ..... ⏰....... HELL NAH!!!!⁣

Don’t get us wrong, while mantras are a powerful way to recenter our mindset we also believe that sometimes they need a little kick in the ass. ⁣

Think about it.... hearing “You matter” is great but a Sasspiration experience of “YOU FKNG MATTER” with a nice mug of our signature Ginger Tea, burning one of our candles while listening to a hand crafted playlist of SZA just... it just “Hit Different”.... wouldn’t you agree?? 😏⁣

At Sasspirations, we believe in active self care. By taking care of yourself on purpose, you’ll feel better both physically and mentally, allowing you to take on anything. 

So take a look around and reach out with any questions, and know that we got you.